desire lines

A Desire Line occurs when the expectations for conventional movement through space are subverted. Desire Lines are the traces of these alternate routes and stories, and indicate atypical patterns of behaviour. To travel along a Desire Line is to engender an alternate direction of behaviour or thought. They traverse both physical and cognitive space, and so to step differently is also to think in new ways. It is the track worn into the grass, the hole in the fence, the shortcut home.

Desire Lines is an art series in the format of a walking tour. With a guide, audience members move through several locations, each playing host to a performance, installation or sonic experience. Desire Lines aspires to blur the line between private and public space and performative and non-performative actions. Accordingly, artworks created within this context function and appear differently to those who view them, so that each iteration of the event is unique. Desire Lines seeks to make art and performance accessible to a broad demographic of the local community.